Other Specialities

JLOVES offers wide range of distinct items which is required for manufacturing of different products having different usages. We are one stop destination for all your requirements. We provide chemicals including Zinc oxide, Titanium Dioxide and what not.

DCP 99%

Dicumyl peroxide is primarily used in the manufacture of polymers and elastomers. These are mainly used as cross linking agent for polymers & elastomers. Polymers which can be crosslinked with organic peroxides are used to produce hose, wires, tires, rubber seals, etc. These can also be used as flame-retardant synergist in expanded polystyrene(EPS).

DCP 40%

It can be used as a cross-linking agent and vulcanizing agent in macro-molecular materials. It can be widely used in rubber, polyolefin, foam plastic, PE cable insulting, shoe-making and flame-retardant coating industries etc.


Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is a member of the group of chemicals commonly known as phthalates, used worldwide as solvents (to dissolve other substances) and plasticisers (to make other substances softer or more pliable). DBP is used in a diverse range of industrial applications including as a plasticiser in resins and polymers. DBP is also used as a softener in adhesives, lacquers, varnishes and printing inks. DBP is used in cosmetics as a perfume solvent and fixative; a suspension agent for solids in aerosols; a lubricant for aerosol valves; an anti-foamer; a skin emollient and plasticiser in nail polish and fingernail elongators (extensions).

Zinc Oxide

There has been substantial growth in the demand of zinc oxide. This chemical plays vital role in many industries including rubber, Pharmaceuticals, plastics, Ceramics, Paints and cosmetics industries as well.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is occurring from oxide of titanium pigment with wide range of applications. The white powder pigments used in coating industries having multiple purposes like paint, adhesives, coats, plastic and paper manufacturing.