PE & ABS an ideal material of choice in applications ranging from packaging, films, tubes and more...JLOVES provide high quality materials for industrial requirements. As an industrial plastics expert with many years of experience, JLOVES is a reference polypropylene (PP) importer since 2017.

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Polypropylene is imperative in the industry of plastic arts. It is one of the essential materials in the thermoplastic family. These are widely used in textiles, food and packaging industries including automotive manufacturing industries. One can make variety of devices using PP such as living hinges and creative machines. It is most preferred element in industries because of its dual properties: Fiber and Plastic. They are chemical resistant with high transparency when used with other materials.


Polypropylene Copolymer(PPCP) is a colorless solid in granular form with no odor. It is non- reactive with environment. These are widely used in plastic processing industry to make variety of products such as Packaging films, sheet, boxes, containers, bags, Homeware, homecare, combs, brushes, medical & surgical equipment, appliances, and other essentials.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is popularly known as ABS is unique among the thermoplastic family. They reveal their glass transition properties when heated and apparently into liquids. We provide ABS across the world mainly for 3D printing and prototype development. They are popular for their glossy surface and different texture and also used for protective housing layers.